Shop Local

shop-localMiramichi is made up of approximately 1500 independent businesses. These business are the backbone of Miramichi’s economy. When you shop local you help build the local economy through what is known as the multiplier effect – the recirculating of money within the region.

For every dollar spent with small business you will have three times more positive impact on the local economy than when spending at the big box stores. When one shops at a big box store or online, the money is being taken out of the local market.

Your local spending helps grow small businesses in the region, which in turn secures more local jobs. These business owners and their employees spend their money locally, creating a ripple effect with every dollar you spend locally. These local businesses also pay city taxes which improve city services. By supporting them you are contributing directly to your community.

If you normally shop out of town, online, or at big box stores, consider making a change this holiday season. Revisit your shopping list and see what you can purchase locally, at small independent stores or craft sales and markets.

You can start by visiting the local businesses advertising in this magazine, they too are buying local by supporting our local media business. Also check out and browse the online marketplace to see what is available in your own back yard.

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