What is ThetaHealing®

by Cindy Lou Wagner

What is ThetaHealing®, and why would I want to learn about it?

If you believe you create our own reality, and you also believe that your life and body reflect everything you have lived up until now, then you will enjoy the empowerment that ThetaHealing® can give you.

Every thought you give power to by what you believe, and the emotional charge that comes with it, creates the choices you make, from the food you put into your body, to your relationships, and where you work and live.

Even our family interactions are based on what you are or were in the family role you chose growing up.

The diseases that you may experience are the body’s way of letting you know that the things you are creating are working against you and not for you.

Money is a good attention grabber for most people, whether we have a lot or not enough, we seem to like to measure our life and how well we are doing by the amount of money we have.

How does ThetaHealing® help with all this?

ThetaHealing® teaches you how to connect to that inner knowing that is also connected to All That Is, and to make changes by using a Theta brainwave to do it.

Some may call this intuition or prayer or meditation. Basically it is all just focused thought.

What we believe, are just thoughts that we’ve told ourselves over and over again.

Or, were told over and over again until our brain hardwired them into our minds. From this, we make our daily decisions.

ThetaHealing® empowers you with the ability to change the things in your life you desire to be changed, without judgement of whether you think something is wrong or right. Instead, you change it from the perspective of, is this working for me in my life, or working against me. Having to struggle is a belief system and a consciousness that many have aligned themselves with.

Everything is changeable. Life is meant to be fun!

Cindy Lou Wagner is a certified ThetaHealing® teacher, Life Therapist and a Facilitator of workshops and seminars empowering people to transform their quality of life, with lasting results. Cindy began her healing journey in 1999, and since then has had a private practice and has facilitated hundreds of workshops and seminars, transforming people’s lives from despair to prosperity, from abuse to self-empowerment, from sickness to health, from grief to joy just to name a few.

Cindy Lou will be hosting Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® Classes in Miramichi this summer if there is enough interest.

BASIC DNA: August 19-21, 2017
You will be offered the opportunity to go within yourself and discover what is working for you in your creation of your life and what is working against you. The tools that you will learn through this process will be something you can use every day! Beliefs and feelings and quieting the mind play an intricate role in realizing what we want or don’t want in our lives. Learn how to quiet your mind and harness the stillness to manifest and to witness healing in yourself and others. This class is open to everyone. No pre-requisites are required!
Your Investment: $495 (+Tax)
Non-Refundable Deposit is $100. Pre-registration is required. Call (778) 871-8988 or email: to book your spot!

Advanced DNA: August 25-27, 2017
This three day workshop is the next step from Basic Thetahealing®. It takes everything to a new level of being and awareness. You will be instilled with hundreds of positive feelings. You’ll hone the skills that you learned in the Basic class, being able to quiet your mind in seconds. You will have a deeper understanding of the Planes of Existence and working with guides and angels. Opportunities to work with others and on yourself to clear up anger, fear and old stored emotions that can weigh us down and cause health issues. The Advanced class makes all the information your received in the Basic class a more tangible skill. The self-awareness you have will expand and empower you to create change with ease! Cindy Lou is your instructor!
Your Investment: $505 (+Tax)
Your $50 non-refundable deposit gets you started. Pre-requisite is the Basic DNA class. To Register: Phone (778) 871-8988 or email:

For more information visit www.ThetaHealinginstitute.ca and on Facebook @ThetaHealingInstituteofCanada

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