Green Cove Co-operative & Mayor to Sign Agreement at AGM

Members of Green Cove Co-operative (GCC) are delighted to announce that Mayor Lordon has agreed to attend their AGM to participate in the signing of the “Option to Purchase Agreement” between the City of Miramichi and GCC. The AGM will be held Friday, June 23rd, at the Miramichi Curling Club (2nd floor) at 2 pm.

This option gives GCC the right to purchase three parcels of land, provided they can build a facility of a minimum of 20 units within two years of enacting the actual purchase. These properties are located on the south side of Water Street, on both sides of MacIntosh Street. They are directly across Water Street from the former NB Power generating station. That river side is a brown field, not suitable for residential development.

The above aerial photograph shows the prime building site, 2.8 acre property, highlighted in blue. Downriver, to the East across MacIntosh Street, are the two one-acre properties also included in this right to purchase. It is anticipated that they will be used for a garage, work space for residents, and community gardening, as well as providing room for future expansion.

Vernon Goodfellow, chair of the Board has stated, “We have been working on this project for over eight years. It is a tremendous relief to finally be able to work with our members to develop our plans and move quickly toward constructing our independent living facility.”

He added, “We are indebted to many people who have worked hard on our behalf to bring us to this point. Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee, Retirement Miramichi, and Miramichi Forward have generously given their support over many years. Finally, the City of Miramichi – especially Mayors Cormier and Lordon – have joined with their respective City Councils to make the three properties available to us.”

Upriver, to the West, is England’s Hollow Park. Goodfellow noted, “We look forward to working with the people of this area and the City to make this Park even more enjoyable for all.”

“To the North is Water Street and the NB Power brown field. We have had preliminary discussions with both the City and NB Power to see if we can enhance this site to make it more available to all. NB Power have already agreed that they will allow us river access. The South side borders on the hiking trail with its border of trees that effectively isolates this lot from the others in the area.”

Mayor Lordon notes, “The city of Miramichi is happy to support the Green Cove Co-operative initiative and to provide an option to the organization for the former NB Power properties. This project will be a huge asset for the city. We wish the members of GCC every success in their efforts and hope to see their vision realized for the betterment of our seniors and the entire community.”

Jack Hunter, a founding member of this initiative and Honorary Vice-chair of Green Cove Cooperative, comments, “I am 88 years old and can not wait many more years for this facility. It is wonderful to finally have the right to purchase this property. Now, people of Miramichi, come out and make it happen, and fast.”

GCC is also happy to announce the following professionals, who have been engaged to work on this project, will be presenters at this AGM: Stephen Davies and Lew Cummings of APHL Moncton – Construction and Financing Proposals; Denis Arseneault of Spitfire Designs Moncton – Concept Drawings.

This meeting will bring those attending up to date on the progress that has been made and outline the steps involved in bringing this exciting project to completion. Interested members of the public are invited to attend. New memberships will be available.

Goodfellow is inviting others to “join the conversation by joining us.” Membership costs $50. Call Melanie at 778-8591 or email her at Phone Vernon at 625-6363 or email . Also, regularly check the website, formerly

Goodfellow concluded by stating, “Our goal is to develop a co-operative community dedicated to each other and the larger community. Together we will make this happen.”

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