Survey for ATV Users

by New Brunswick All Terrain Vehicle Federation Inc.

Not only are All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) fun, they also contribute greatly to New Brunswick’s economy.

The New Brunswick All Terrain Vehicle Federation Inc. needs the help of all trail users in conducting a province-wide survey to determine just how significant this contribution is. Please help us figure this out by completing the attached survey.

The survey will collect information on the economic contribution made by all types of ATVs and all family participants, as well as related activities. While overall survey results will be shared with government, trail-user groups, municipalities, and other stakeholders to support the growth of our sport, be assured that all individual responses will remain confidential.

It should take about 15 minutes. Our deadline is April 30, 2018.

Take the survey here

If there are questions or concerns, please contact Smith Gunther Associates via Sally Smith at 613-464-1456 or or Peter E. Gunther at 888-999-3565 or .

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