5th Annual Colleen’s Day

Mary “Colleen” Lynch
August 5th, 1954 – May 11th, 2014

On Sunday, August 4th, 2019 (rain date Monday, August 5th, 2019) come out to Bicentennial Park located adjacent to the Île Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre at 35 Saint Patrick’s Drive in Nelson Miramichi for the 5th Annual Colleen’s Day.

In 2011, at the outset of planning for the bicentennial of the Parish of Nelson, one of the biggest supporters was Mary “Colleen” Lynch.

Throughout the weeks and months that followed, she was a frequent volunteer and tireless champion of the commemoration of Nelson’s 200th birthday in 2014.

Sadly, Colleen was unable to participate in the grand celebration, as she tragically passed away on Sunday, May 11th, 2014, at the age of 59, 86 days before her 60th Birthday.

As a result, and in recognition of her long-time service to the community, the organizers of the Remembering Nelson Fair, re-christened this celebration as “Colleen’s Days”.

Schedule of Events for the 5th Annual Colleen’s Day

1:30 pm – Unveiling of the Saint Patrick’s Boy Scout Plaque

2:00 pm – Tours through time at Île Beaubears Island (Guided tours to Île Beaubears Island and Wilson’s Point – $25.)

2:30 pm – Karaoke and Open Mike

4:30 pm – 2019 Winner of the Mary “Colleen” Lynch Community Kindness Award with Kaley Vickery Cake and Tea to be served

5:00 pm – Nelson Doyle Dancers

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Music by Riptide

There will be a barbecue on site, in support of Wallace Studios and 50 / 50 Draws in support of our Musical Guests.

Bring your own lawn chairs, come out and enjoy the day!

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