Brunch Theatre: Tall & True

With the success of “Tall & True” last April, chronicling the stories of the ships of Beaubears Island, the so-called “Beaubears Island Players” are at it again; quite literally so as they reprise select scenes as part of a Fundraising Brunch at the Rodd Miramichi River on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, from 12 pm noon to 2pm.

As always, proceeds from this performance will help local students spend more time at work in our area, educating others about our past and two sites of national historic significance, through the Beaubears Island Summer Student Program.

The show will include The Lovell’s Last Battle, the story of a sea fight in the midst of the War of the 2nd Coalition against Napoleon. Horns to Hold One’s Halo takes you from the outbreak of the US Civil War, to the perilous waves of the North Atlantic, and back again. Finally, The Sea Mew-tiny retells a shipboard insurrection in rib-tickling fashion.

Tickets ($25) are available at the door, or by calling 622-8526.

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