Take and Bake Apple Pies & Turkey Pies

The Seamen’s Hospital will once again be having their popular Fall fundraisers – Take and Bake Apple and Turkey Pies.

Apple Pies

Pre-order your fresh homemade apple pies by October 7th.  Apple pies are $8 each.

We are currently waiting for the delivery of our apples from the farm, so when they arrive, preparation will begin.  We will call you when the pies are ready for pick-up. 

Turkey Pies

Pre-ordering of turkey pies will begin October 7th to 24th inclusive.  Turkey pies are $13 each.  We will call you soon after Oct 24th for pick up.

Ordering: Pies are limited, so order soon to make sure you have yours.  First come first serve! Order pies by calling Seamen’s Hospital at 778-2349 and leaving a voice message with your name, phone number and the number of pies wanted. These pies will be made for you to take home & bake or freeze right away.  All covid criteria will be met. For turkey pies you can also send a message to the Seamen’s Hospital Miramichi Facebook page by specifically identifying that it is turkey pie you want.   In addition, we need your name, phone number and number of turkey pies you want.

Thank you for supporting the Seamen’s Hospital Heritage building.  Funds raised from the sale of pies will go directly to the maintenance of this non-profit entity.

“View” and “Like” on Facebook – Seamen’s Hospital at: https://www.facebook.com/Seamens-Hospital-Miramichi-2362699183810956/

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