Upcoming Christmas Bird Counts in the Miramichi Region

Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) will take place all over North America from December 14 – January 5. The goal of the CBC is to find and identify as many birds as possible in 24 hours within a 24 km diameter circle. Some participants choose to watch birds at their backyard feeders from the comfort of their home, while others brave the elements to cover as much ground as possible within the circle. It’s fun and a great way to learn about the hardy birds that are able to spend the winter in New Brunswick.

Our Miramichi Christmas Bird Count started in 1972 by Harry Walker. In the Miramichi area, we are lucky to now have three CBCs as counts were started in Red Bank/Sunny Corner in 2004 and Burnt Church/New Jersey in 2015 by Dave McLeod. The results of these counts are submitted to a New Brunswick provincial coordinator, and the Miramichi results are entered into a North American database of Christmas Bird Counts through Bird Studies Canada/National Audubon Society.

The Miramichi area counts will take place on the dates listed below (weather permitting). If you’re interested in participating by monitoring your backyard bird feeders for part of the day, please contact Pam Watters ( / 773-7304) for the City of Miramichi Christmas Bird Count or Dave McLeod ( / 776-3426) for Red Bank/Sunny Corner and Burnt Church/Neguac CBC’s.

Red Bank/Sunny Corner, December 19

Miramichi, December 20

Burnt Church/New Jersey, January 2

For recent annual results please visit:

You will also find results for the City of Miramichi counts going back to 1972 and trends in changing populations can be noted.

Bird Count Maps

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