Poem: The Way You Danced

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The Way You Danced

It was on a windy day in spring
The day I saw you with tears in your eyes
Nothing could turn me away from you
But the clouds in the skies

They reminded me of yesterday
When you said that you wouldn’t leave
Holding on the memories
The pain and sorrow you wouldn’t believe.

I remember the cries in the morning
The sighs of tiredness
Wasn’t something I was going to miss
I remember the laughter and smiles
The hugs and the kisses
The way you danced in front of me
Those are the moments I will miss.

I tell myself every waking moment
That this is where you wanted to go
To be at ease and free
Yet the heart of me so selfishly
Just wanted you beside me.

I keep with me our memories
You take with you my love
Remember that we danced endlessly
We will dance for eternity.

Carolyn E. Larry
Carolyn E. Larry

©Written by Carolyn E. Larry, Burnt Church First Nation, May 15, 2017

3 Responses to Poem: The Way You Danced

  1. The memories of my Mom come back at the most unexpected moments and as you say so succinctly in your poem it’s the laughter I remember most too…

    Carlyn, I knew you could make me laugh but now I know you can also make me cry…

    Hugs and Luv…


  2. I just read this poem. It is beautiful . I am waiting on news of my sister-in-law Zita Preston of Moncton NB. I am going to send this Poem to her daughter. It is so wonderful that you shared this poem . I am not sure if I have relative’s in Burnt Church or not. I did have in Bai Saint Anne and Escumaiac . My Mother’s maiden name was Ada Jimo . My Father was Bernard Preston he was a River Pilot and brought ships to the Miramichi and New Castle . I really enjoyed reading your poem. Bernice Preston

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