I think I can safely say I am the quietest person around our office.

Because I don’t say much some people think I’m shy, others think I’m stuck-up, and some might even think I’m not too bright.

Of course, none of it is true — I’m just part of that really rare breed of people known as listeners. Perhaps, you’ve heard of us?

But seriously, given the right topic in the right setting, rest assured I can talk your ear off.

A typical day finds me squinting at the computer screen, fingers flying over the keyboard, making faces as if I am engaged in a very expressive conversation with someone (You probably), but not actually saying a word.

So, imagine everyone’s reaction when I suddenly raise my head, stop typing, and blurt out a totally abstract question like —

“What’s the best advice you ever got?”

The initial shock (She talks!) doesn’t last long — we’re a flexible bunch here at Mighty Miramichi. I suspect they may be more surprised to read their answers here in the blog.

An e-newsletter I get asked a group of successful businesswomen this question and they’ve been publishing a different answer in each new issue.

The answers I read gave me a lot to think about, so I thought I would poll the office and see what our crew could offer.

Our fearless leader, Terry, says the best advice he ever got was, “Don’t give advice unless asked.”

That’s probably wise. I wonder if my sister would be talking to me now, if I had taken that advice? I think so.

But if everyone took the best advice offered in yesterday’s e-newsletter, giving unsolicited advice might become the thing to do.

That advice was, “Listen to other’s advice.”

That advice comes from Aileen Reid, president of A.P. Reid Insurance, a Dartmouth-based insurance brokerage and franchisor.

She says, “Listen to other’s advice. Absorb it like a sponge and take from it. In it is the collected wisdom and experiences of all the people who have come before you and paved the way for you, and in it there will be something for you. You just don’t know from where snippets of wisdom, your manna from heaven, is going to fall.”

Of course, listening doesn’t mean following everything you hear. In order for this advice to be helpful, you need to listen with a critical ear.

But that’s the great advice in the e-newsletter that got me thinking about this topic to begin with.

When asked, Stacy offered this piece of advice — “Only boring people get bored.”

This pearl of wisdom comes from Stacy’s mom originally. She told her this when she complained about boredom as a small child and it’s stuck with her ever since.

Think about it. Who wants to be boring? How can you be bored when you’re busy being interesting. Great advice!

The only advice I remember my mom telling me is — “Trust no one.”

A little clarification is needed on that one I think. You need to understand my mom and the way she words things. By giving me this advice she didn’t intend to turn me into a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

When she said, “Trust no one.” She meant, “Believe in yourself.”

It’s a little twisted, I know, but I got the message. I have a very strong belief in myself and my ability to achieve any goal I set for myself.

So tell me, what’s the best advice you ever got?

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