I got a great suggestion the other day from one of our readers. She wanted me to write a novel online, here in the blog, so you guys could follow the progress.

“Hold on a minute! Let’s not go crazy!” I said. “I mean I wrote about how insane I get when I’m writing non-fiction, multiply that by a thousand and you still wouldn’t be close to how crazy I get when I’m writing fiction. It would take forever!”

So, we came up with a different plan. What if we all wrote a story together?

Just for fun. No pressure.

I’ve participated in writing exercises like that before. They can result in some really interesting stories and they’re a lot of fun to follow and participate in.

I can set the scene and write the beginning, then it’ll be up to you guys to chip in and make it funny, scary, exciting, mysterious, or whatever direction you decide togo. If nothing else, it should certainly be interesting.

Drop me an email and let me know if that interests you at all, either as a participant or an observer.

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