I’m blogging from home, on the Mac, and the blogger screen looks way different from what I am used to so if this doesnt work we’ll blame it on the Mac/PC war.

I attended a soapmaking class the other night which I really enjoyed. The topic is one I’ve been interested in for awhile and the instructor was very knowledgeable…and almost as interesting was the dynamics of the room. There is just something about being in a group of women that leaves me feeling….I don’t know….energized maybe? Inspired? Womenly?

Anyway, it’s been so long since I took the time to do something for myself. Just for me. So this class is a present to myself. And not once in the 2hours 35minutes did I think about the projects sitting on my desk, the phone call I didnt return, or the e-mails that were slipping into my inbox, calling my name. Honestly I didnt….

One great thing about working at Mighty Miramichi is we are constantly reminded (and often forced) to take time out for ourselves. At lunchtime we are harassed when found eating at our desks and instructed to go outside and get some fresh air. Terry even encourages us to set our own time schedules based on our personal needs. For example, he doesnt like to see his employees stumble in at 8am in the morning half asleep, with breakfast in one hand and in a grumpy mood.

At most workplaces, this is a common scenario. Instead, Terry will tell you to come in at 9am the next morning and take the extra hour to exercise, eat a good breakfast, read something positive or inspirational, then, when you’re ready, come to work. It took me awhile to realize he was serious because it was the strangest thing I had ever heard! What? Come to work when I’m ready? Leave when I’m finished? It’s up to me to decide?

I think this is the reason why I, and others here, tend to work overtime a lot, come in on the weekends, and bring the laptop on vacation. It’s because we dont have to. He simply trusts us to get our work done, meet our appointments, take care of customers, look after ourselves, come in when we’re ready, and leave when we’re finished. Sounds kind of simple. The result…we end up wanting to go the extra mile and give 120%. Who knew?

By the way, Terry shows up at the office anytime after 5:30am. I guess he wakes up ready.

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