Boy, was I ever surprised when I came to the office today!! Everything was in a pile in the middle of a room on another floor in another part of the building.

Terry says it’s all part of the company fitness program, this moving every six months. Stacy says our next business venture will be Mighty Movers! I say, “Great idea! But when that happens may I please be laid off.” lol But seriously, I think we’ll probably stay here for awhile, we have some room for growth in this space.

What a great spot! I can barely see Stacy’s desk off in the distance. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little, but still I’m liking the new digs. We’re on the ground floor, storefront, with our own private entrance. So now we can pop outside for a breath of fresh air, run to the car to get something, picnic outside on the grass, or whatever really easily. Gotta love it!

This must be the weekend for moving. On the way into work every van and half-ton we saw was heavy laden with appliances, chairs and all sorts of things covered in tarps and blankets. I’ve been trying to think of what book that reminds me of. Is it Angela’s Ashes? Where everyone moves once every month or every time the lease is up? Something like that. Although it seems like the book I’m thinking of was set in Montreal. Something of Mordecai Richler’s maybe? Hmmm. Anyone have any ideas?

Sorry, I’ve been neglectful all week, but I haven’t been feeling very well. I’ve got this nasty bug that just keeps coming back every time I think it’s gone. Stacy wants me to mix up some sort of potion to get rid of my sore throat. I tried that before but I don’t think I mixed it up right because it was really, really terrible . . . I mean too terrible to drink no matter how much it might have helped me . . . and she says it’s not supposed to taste bad. She makes it sometimes just to have a nice hot drink. Soooo, I don’t know if I’ll try that again or not.

Anyway, just popped in to say G’day! Now that the office is starting to look like an office again, maybe I can convince everyone it’s time to get out of ‘er and get some supper!

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