Today turned out to be quite interesting. We had our staff meeting. Melanie gave us an overview of the book she just read (see list on the left) and highly recommends it to everyone. It sounds to be a useful tool for any business person in understanding and communicating with customers.

Then we watched a sales training video on the computer, followed by discussion. We laid out the agenda for Monday morning and I made everyone copies of our coupon page to give to their friends, family & customers (found online, all the time, at We were just wrapping up the meeting when Terry, our fearless leader arrived….with a dolly *Websters: a low, flat wheeled frame for moving heavy objects.

He bustled in, full of energy and smiles, asking us how our day went and informed us we were moving to a bigger & better office downstairs. To one of the store fronts. As of today. So…as were are not the type to shrink in the face of change and spontaneity, we all grabbed a chair and headed for the door.

One hour later, after much sweat, a few tears, and a near fist fight between me and Wally, we had moved the bulk of our office to the first floor. The room still has to be organized and the computers all have to be moved which is my least favourite part. I tend to get a little edgy when surrounded by miles of network cable & extension cords so tomorrow I run the risk of ending up in the corner with my mouth duck taped shut.

Kellie doesn’t know this yet, that we moved. She was home sick today but is coming in tomorrow for a Bread ‘n Molasses meeting. What we call change & spontaneity, she calls unbearable chaos. Will she ever be surprised…

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