I watched some of the Canada A.M. broadcast this morning live from Halifax Harbour. I knew Gary Beals and Richie Wilcox from Canadian Idol were scheduled guests and I was interested to learn what they’ve been up to since the show ended. Unfortunately, I didn’t really learn much about them. Both are apparently busy and having a great time but no specifics were revealed.

I did see an interesting segment though with Marlene Mahan who owns the Schooner Larinda. The Larinda was just here a little while ago. After Miramichi she sailed on to Halifax where she ran into Hurricane Juan and sunk during the storm. Three weeks later the Larinda rose to the surface in the Harbour but unfortunately she’s been badly damaged. Marlene said they were able to salvage some artifacts and personal belongings but the ship itself is beyond repair. Insurance won’t cover the costs of rebuilding but the Mahan’s are keeping the Larinda dream alive setting up special funds where people can donate to help them rebuild. The thing about the Larinda was that their main purpose was to teach youth how to be part of the crew. They’d take them on sailing excursions strengthening skills like team building at no cost to the kids.

Anyway, I was saddened to hear that the ship can’t be salvaged and thought I’d share that bit of news in case you hadn’t heard.

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