I think the local newspaper is going to run an article about Bread ‘n Molasses. Several months ago I was interviewed by a reporter over there but like so often happens in this line of work, other stories needed more immediate attention and ours got put on hold. Then last week I heard from her again. After some follow up emails I think an article will appear within the next couple of weeks. So, I’m pretty excited about that!

The article should help shed some light for people about what exactly Bread ‘n Molasses is all about. Because by being an online general interest/ cultural magazine made by average people for average people, we are doing something sort of different.

Sure, there are other online grassroots magazines, but many of them tend to have strong political agendas or to focus solely on arts and literature. There aren’t many out there who cover such a vast range of topics, all positive and upbeat, while still maintaining a regional focus and allowing anyone interested to provide content. I’ve searched the web high and low and I can’t think of anyone else doing this.

Anyone else know of another publication doing anything similar?

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