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Check out Phantom Street Rods new website!

Can you tell I’m obsessed with these cars? I just think it’s sooo cool to build things in general, like simple things like crafts and things. Because I’m hopeless when it comes to physically creating something. I can’t draw a straight line using a ruler — and that’s no joke. I can make almost anything using words but stick any other tool in my hand other than a black pen and you’re asking for trouble of the big mess kind. It’s not even funny.

So yeah, I’m impressed by people who make things. Stacy makes really cool things — fridge magnets, candles, clocks, soaps, salt scrubs and tons of other stuff that I would never even try to do. I mean she cuts shapes out of wood using power tools and mixes dangerous chemicals — hello, can you say emergency room?!

Stacy can make things and still she’s impressed by Phantom Street Rods. I mean Gerry made a whole car! A car! It boggles the mind.

Anyway, I really like the website too. There’s some cool flash at the beginning. Check it out!

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