Yay! Irene has volunteered to write the next part in the novel collaboration. I’m so excited! Thanks, Irene!

The other day our very positive leader, Terry, received his horoscope from Astrocenter.com This is what it said:

Is today a bit gray, dear Scorpio? It is very likely. You won’t be able to see how you can get out of your current situation. You may have some financial or physical problems at the moment. If this is the case, it is because you don’t rely enough on your own abilities and good sense to pull you through. Of course, it is possible that you don’t take care of your body as well as you should, but that’s easily remediable.

Hello! That’s not very positive! So, here’s what Terry replied:


I am sorry to disappoint you Astrocenter.com but on the contrary today was quite bright. I completed the projections for qualified applicants for our Mighty Community project, had a successful morning lining up Tourism meetings for both the tourism associations and a Shared Visions meeting for the Knowledge-based sector of the Mighty Miramichi Region with the Tanker Mr Malley attending.

On top of that my accountant is able to complete the things I didn’t think were possible and we have lined up an on the road sales consultant to market our product within NB as already there is an interest in Fredericton as well as Grand Falls.

Our Back end is ahead of schedule with some neat break throughs so we will be able to roll out Mighty Community ahead of schedule, WOW GREAT STUFF! Sunshine everywhere on a Rainy Day! Imagine that!

For this evening, which is still part of the day, it was even brighter, as having the opportunity to meet with NB Investment Mgt Corp. who are interested in investing 120 million in business in Atlantic Canada, which is significant for our growth, as businesses have to grow for us to grow. Meeting these influential wise individuals was significant. They are now aware of our Mighty Community and that they are part of it.

Opportunites surround us. Sunshine everywhere. . . love it. Oh Happy Day!

So, in conclusion Astrocenter.com I had a fantastique Day, and it is not over yet. Did no one ever tell you Astrocenter that you do not effect the Mighty Miramichi Community, unless we let you in, sorry, no room for a bit of gray. I always say, “If it is going to be, it is up to Me!” So I Enjoy my Day! A little sunshine will always remove the gray.

So, there you have it from the boss himself. This is one of the reasons why Mighty Miramichi is such a great place to work.

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