For those of you following Kellie’s obsession with Phantom Street Rods, his site just got cooler! I’ve added a video clip to his website that shows the famous retractable roof in action! It’s a must see for hotrod, classic car & costom do-it-yourself enthusiasts. *Did I get enough key words in there?

The video was shot by Gerry himself using a standard digital camera that also has a feature allowing him to record short video clips. The clip was HUGE at first…over 6megs…so we sent it off to Franks Video Service who cleaned it up, drastically cut down the file size and put it in various formats for us to choose from….all in record time! Thanks Frank, and Gloria (the woman behind the man!) for quickly pulling this together for us.

There are many ways video can be used to promote your product or service as outlined in this past Bread ‘n Molasses article “Beyond the Brochure”. Give it a read and you might pick up some ideas for your business or personal project.



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