A great Christmas and New Years was had by all, here at Mighty Miramichi.

We attended the annual Christmas party for all tenants of the Miratech building at the Newcastle Curling Club. A lot of us were first time curlers and we had a blast! I have to say I was surprised by how much fun curling can be. Maybe it is because my team won, thanks to Cathy who was our only team member who actually knew what she was doing. There is a lot of skill and precision involved with the game…as most of you probably know.

After curling we had pizza and the traditional “Yankee Swap” gift exchange. It was a great chance for everyone in the building to get know one another and we laughed our heads off.

I wish I had some pictures to post… but no one remembered to bring a camera! Oh well, maybe it is for the best…less opportunity for blackmail…



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