I’ve been bragging lately about my car and how it’s been starting perfectly on these cold morning, without even being plugged in. Tonight it decided to teach me a lesson.

I’m not sure what happened….I started it and left it running for about a 1/2 hour because it is -27 degrees. Then when I went out to go home, it had shut off. And of course the key was turned ahead so the battery fizzled out and now it won’t start. Not yet anyway. (think positive!)

I called my better half who immediately reminded me of my past week of bragging…boy did that make me feel better!

Anyway, a set of booster cables are on the way and I thought I’d take this time to share with you my new found knowledge of The Wind Chill Factor! Which is expected to reach -43 tonight. I think it’s there now.

According to Environment Canada:

Wind chill is the cooling effect of the wind in combination with low temperatures. When it is windy, we feel colder because our skin temperature is lower. This sensation of cold is what the wind chill index quantifies: as such, the index is not a real temperature and is expressed without units, even though it is calibrated according to the Celsius temperature scale.

Environment Canada’s wind chill index gives you a good idea of the temperature which, with a quasi calm wind, would give your face a sensation of cold similar to that caused by the actual temperature and wind. Wind chill also estimates the risk of your getting frostbite (a severe injury caused by cold). You will find more details in our wind chill Web site.

Unless I get up & running fairly quickly, it looks like the second half of my goal setting post will have to wait until tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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