Be an Observer:
“Starting today begin to observe yourself in action. Whether you conduct business, or work in the home, or talk with a neighbor,whatever you do, watch yourself doing it. Alert self-observation isyour first technique for self-awakening.

Here is a specific example. Right now, as you are reading this,notice your physical self. What is the position of your hands?Are your muscles unnecessarily tense? Be aware of the expression on your face. See everything possible about your physical self.

At the start, it is easier to become aware of physical items, butproceed from the outer to the inner. Observe the thoughts that passthrough your mind when watching the news on television. Be consciousof the emotions you feel when criticized by someone.

Neither condemn nor approve ANYTHING you see in yourself. Just casually and impartially watch whatever is there. Reveal yourselfto yourself. This self-knowledge is power for self-change.”….VERNON HOWARD

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