We had another great session today in our Mighty Community with many new faces and lots to think about. I especially loved when Rick asked for a half-ton truck to Fredericton in order to carry all the papers back to his home base 🙂 Holy Mighty hand-outs, Batman! But with so many new faces a recap of all we’ve covered so far in our monthly sessions was a necessity, not an option. But we’re a bright bunch and nobody seemed to get lost along the way. Good job, Mighty Crew!

As usual we enjoyed a fantastic hot lunch catered and delivered by Break Time Cafe. You’d be hard-pressed to find better value. I had the always popular sweet ‘n sour chicken served on a bed of rice with a buttered roll. Yummy!

A personal highlight of the day for me was when we watched the Jeffrey Gitomer video. I think this is the briefest video we’ve ever watched but not a moment of it was wasted. It was absolutely jam-packed with great stuff. Gitomer is the author of the Sales Bible but his message isn’t just valuable to people in the sales industry. I don’t work on our sales team but I had no difficulty relating the concepts to my personal reality.

Some highlights from Gitomer —

“The opposite of answers is excuses.” Think about that for a minute. It’s a powerful, concise and utterly true statement. As long as you’re busy making excuses you’ll never find answers. You’re not even looking for the answer while your mind is occupied with coming up with excuses.

“Concentrate on loyalty and satisfaction will happen.” He further illustrated this point by asking the question, which would you rather have a satisfied spouse or a loyal one? Loyalty is key. Loyal customers, loyal friends, loyal spouses, will fight to keep you in their lives. You can’t have loyalty without satisfaction. Unsatisfied people just aren’t loyal. So many businesses make customer satisfaction their number one priority. But make loyalty your number one priority and satisfaction will follow.

“Change everything ordinary to memorable.” What a great life change in any person’s life! This is exciting stuff.

“Start with yes. Tell me what you can do, not what you can’t do.” Positive thinking and a positive mindset are so crucial to any type of success whether in business or personal. Nobody wants to be around the negative energy of whiners and complainers. People respond positively to positivity. People appreciate solutions.

“Houdini knew the secret — make it look like magic.” In order to make anything look like magic you need to practise everyday.

“Follow the 50 butt rule of networking.” Whenever there are 50 butts gathered in the same room, make sure yours is one of them.

“Your name gets you in the door.” It’s not who you know, but who knows you.

“To serve is to rule.” This is an ancient Chinese proverb. People have been saying this for five thousand years, so it’s got to be true. If it didn’t ring true we would’ve given it up a long time ago.

“Expose yourself to existing information.” Always be learning and bettering yourself. Time is a valuable commodity. What do you want to do with yours? Will you invest your time in yourself, in the future, or will you spend it? If all you ever do is spend, without making any investments, eventually you’ll go bankrupt.

“Make decisions in tougher times based on the kind of person you want to become.” During an economic slump most salespeople sat around whining about how hard the times were, how nobody was buying. But Gitomer didn’t rest on his laurels, he went out and sold anyway. And he had great days!

“Work while the rest of the world sleeps.” Everyone is a morning person, whether you believe it or not. Get up earlier than anyone else and use that hour to gain an advantage, better yourself. Stay a student.

“Bet on yourself.” Be your own best champion, but get in shape to do it or you won’t win the race. Play to win even if your team sucks and your Buckles fall off. Believe in yourself but keep an eye on the competition in case they sneak up behind you and hit you with a bat.

“Life’s short.” Princess Diana. Christopher Reeve. Dale Earnhardt. John F. Kennedy Jr. Michel Trudeau. Linda McCartney . . . they know life’s short. Life’s short and there’s a reason for yours. You are your own legacy.

“The difference between training and education.” Would you want your child to have sex education in the school . . . or sex training? With training you learn the how. With education you learn the why. People with training get a job. People with education become the boss.

“You were better at sales when you were four years old.” Get back the tenacity you had at the age of four when you demanded that your mother buy you something special at the store. Get it back. Ignore the pukers. Burn with desire. Hard work makes luck. Be aware of and be ready for divine intervention in your life.

“Record yourself.” Tape record your journal and listen to it in the car. Record Gitomer’s book and listen to it. Record your sales presentation. That’s the only way you’ll ever really know if you’re any good at it or not. Can you stand to listen to yourself repeatedly?

These are just some things that caught my attention during the video portion of the day. We had a fantastic session filled with unique voices and many presentations. So my Mighty friends, what was your favourite part of today’s session?

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