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Together We Are Mighty

Tonight was a big night for the Mighty Miramichi crew. We officially launched our product Mighty Community at the Silicon East conference.

Not ones to blow our own horns, we were a little overwhelmed by the fantastic introduction given by Gordon Wilson – General Manager of Silicon East, and facilitator for the conference. He said that although community portals are a dime a dozen, ours is the best he’s ever seen, and best of all, it’s sustainable. Meaning it isnt government funded and didn’t fall by the wayside after a few years.

Where is an online community promoting the Miramichi Region, is a website that connects
Mighty Miramichi and other online communities in New Brunswick. Go check it out at

I was there at a table introducing our online courses through We are currently having a Halloween special – 15% discount. For one very low price you can take as many courses as you want over 12 months. You can print out the course material, and will even receive a certificate upon completion.

Of course we weren’t the only ones there…

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