John Laidlaw, Chairman of the Board for Regional Health Authority-B today unveiled the Authority’s new name and brand identity Horizon Health Network.

The Horizon Health Network was a merger of RHA1 South East (Moncton), RHA 2 (Saint John), RHA 3 (Fredericton), and RHA 7 (Miramichi). Horizon is headquartered in Miramichi.

Mr. Laidlaw said the name was selected after a lengthy process of discovery and consideration. There are two parts to a good name, the name and the business descriptor.

“Health Network” was selected as the descriptor because a network is an interconnected organization of people, groups and institutions, a group of people with similar interests who interact for mutual benefit and support. That is what this organization is all about. “Health network” describes what the organization is and describes its primary interest – health.

The name selected by the Board of Directors is “Horizon”. The word “Horizon” has the same meaning in both French and English. It’s approachable. It’s inclusive and it is geography neutral’ said Mr. Laidlaw.

The “Horizon Heath Network” is a billion dollar a year organization of 14,000 people including 1,000 physicians, 5,000 nurses, 3,500 volunteers and 23 auxiliaries. The organization has more than 100 facilities including 12 hospitals, 35 community health centres & clinics, 33 Public Health & Extra Mural Program locations, 21 Addiction Service & Community Mental Health service locations and 9 First Nation communities. Together they envision healthier people in healthier families living in healthier New Brunswick communities where access to health services is seamless, safe and without disparity in language, culture or location.

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