The Bra Ladies are coming to Town

Now thanimage 1.jpg (40 KB)ks to the attention given by shows like Oprah and What Not to Wear to the importance of this undergarment, there seems to be a revolution of sorts happening. Women are tossing their old ill-fitting bras for the full support of a properly fitted bra. “Women are finally realizing that there is comfort, there are other options out there,” says bra specialist Denise Fielder of Bras & Beauty.

It’s a foundation. It’s the same as buying a good pair of shoes. It’s not only in the support but when you have a good bra it enhances your appearance.

As a distributors of Avrielle Custom Fit bras, which is a specialized service with a unique bra design, in sizes ranging from 30B to 42HH, Denise Fielder has been doing fittings through various venues at in-home shows, lady’s gyms, women’s groups, and filled-to-capacity bra-fitting clinics across the Maritimes.

Size matters most when choosing a bra to fit. However, large numbers of women are wearing bras that are a band-size too large and cup-size too small.  If a woman gets used to a loose fit, it’s not doing anything for her shoulders and her posture. It’s cutting off her diaphragm because everything is going south and it’s just not a comfortable bra.”

An ill-fitting bra impedes circulation and can cause bursitis, pinched nerves, neck and back problems and more. A women is wearing the wrong size if they are spilling over the top or sliding out from underneath the bra; their straps are falling down; or their bra is pinching or riding high on their back.

An Avrielle fitted bra gives women a better form and therefore a slimmer line and nice definition. A good bra is equally important for a small-busted woman as it is for large-busted women.

For the younger women, the teenagers, now is the time for them to start wearing a good support bra, even if they’re not big because they can avoid all the problems that come down the road if they do start off right with a good support bra.  A bra is not a lifetime purchase. A good quality fitting support bra should last 1 to 2 years maximum.

As soon as a bra loses its support it’s not doing any good, so pitch it. Our bodies are constantly changing over time. After a year or two, it is time to be re-measured and fit again.

If you pay good money for a good bra you hand wash it and it will last longer. It’s like buying shoes, if you want good support in your shoes you have to pay the money for it.

People don’t like to pay a lot of money for a bra but yet it’s the foundation to your whole appearance.

Denise Fielder and Lynne Horsnell will be holding a bra fitting clinic at the Rodd Hotel-Miramichi on Nov 17 & 18th. Call to book your free consultation and fitting in our new Avrielle bras! Toll free 866-219-6800 or email . Website:


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