A Poem — She is …

Sherry Sturgeon's mother, Pauline Underhill, surrounded by her five grandchildren (from left to right: Anna & Paulina Sturgeon; Abby, Jules & Samuel Keenan.)

She is …

Caring & compassionate. Generous & giving.
There in a heartbeat. No questions asked.

Strong & powerful. Influential & admired.
Best advice given … with or without words.

Creative & imaginative. Storyteller & secret keeper.
True friend to all who are blessed to know her.

Baker & doughnut fryer. Cook & cake maker.
Proud moments when everyone is full.

Babysitter & taxi-driver. Nurse & therapist.
Next generation’s “go-to-gal”.

Volunteer & fundraiser. Organizer & supporter.
Takes on the cause with all her heart.

Spiritual & open. Believer & faithful.
Sees & hears the whispers from beyond.

Daughter & sister. Aunt & cousin.
Proud grandmother of a wonderful five.

She is all of these … & so much more.
With pride I describe her as … Mom.

– Sherry Sturgeon, Barnettville NB