Election Results Miramichi

There was a great turn out throughout the Miramichi region on Monday. Mayor Gerry Cormier was victorious with his second term with 56% of the popular vote. The results throughout the region are as follows . . .

Election Results for Miramichi

City of Miramichi
Gerry Cormier Mayor
Lisa Harris Deputy mayor
Nancy Lordon
Brian King
Joan Cripps
Billy Fleiger
John Foran
Shelly Williams
Peggy McLean

Hal Muck Mayor
Mathew Sturgeon
Christopher Hennessey
Cindy Ross

Bev Gaston Mayor
Tanya Robichaud
Paul Gillespie
Jeff Porter
Wayne Fowler

Upper Miramichi
Douglas Munn Mayor
Keith Clowater Ward 1
Grant Ross ward 2
Chad Davis Ward 3
Dustin Munn Ward 4

Georges Rheal Savoie Mayor
Lucie Breau
Albertine Savoie
Giselle Breau
Marcel Cyr
Eymard Savoie

For the rest of the election results go to http://www.gnb.ca/elections/12mun/12may14/12may14results-e.asp

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