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cutedgelogoUpdate: Congratulations to Tasha Richard, Kevin Walker, and Jeff Silliker, winners of a two-week trial membership to Cutting Edge Fitness!

Cutting Edge Fitness is a performance enhancement facility that focuses on athletic based training to build real world functional strength and conditioning. Members range from beginner to advanced and, regardless of fitness level, everyone is expected to give their best.

Cutting Edge is not a public gym. They are a private, hard-core training centre serving those that take their fitness seriously. Current members can recruit new members, however, they must vouch for their character. They focus on group training so that everyone has a coach and a team which is supportive and motivating.

At Cutting Edge Fitness, you will always be held accountable. What they do and how they do it, is not for everyone. Their members are made up of people from different professions such as teachers, nurses, public safety officers, and other regular hard-working folks who enjoy being pushed out of their comfort zone.

Workouts are designed to allow participants to go at their own pace and progress at a comfortable rate. At Cutting Edge they focus on group training because when you train with a group of like-minded individuals all striving for the same goal, your results are enhanced dramatically. Not to mention the fact that your training becomes initially more exciting and, most importantly, fun.

The Cutting Edge uses athletic based training to build real world functional strength and conditioning.

The Cutting Edge uses athletic based training to build real world functional strength and conditioning.

The workouts are based on training people as athletes train, through functional strength exercises designed to burn fat and build lean muscle. This is accomplished with a combination of old school methods and the latest research, to create highly effective, short, intense, fun, workouts.

There are no machines or treadmills or steppers at this facility. Some of their equipment is old, but it all has character. Their workouts will challenge cross fit, seal fit, and strongman/woman training sessions. They use sandbags, kegs, ropes, TRX, sleds, kettle bells, dumbbells, heavy bags, medicine balls, tractor tires, sledgehammers, and more.

About the Instructor

Tom Burns is a Certified NB Fitness Instructor. As an instructor he is not a drill sergeant. He will not try to punish you, or make you sore, or sick, just for his own ego. Your safety, satisfaction and (most importantly) results are what matter. They want goal-orientated members, committed and dedicated to hard work. If you want the best results you’ll ever have and are up for a challenge, come train at “The Edge” as a member of the Cutting Edge Fitness Army.

There are no machines, treadmills or steppers at our facility.

There are no machines, treadmills or steppers at our facility.

Individuals can sign up for an unlimited number of sessions for only $75 a month, or couples can register for only $120/month. There is a new intro/beginner program on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm at a special rate of only $65. There is also the option of a $50 punch pass good for eight sessions, or a drop-in fee of $8/session. Fees are payable by cash, cheque, or through internet email banking.

Cutting Edge Fitness is located at 130 Newcastle Blvd, upstairs over Crocker’s Men’s Wear; entrance is from the rear.

The session schedule is as follows: Monday to Friday 5:45 am and 9 am; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 4 pm; Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6 pm (these sessions are offered out of the gym at the New Brunswick Youth Centre); Monday to Thursday 7:30 pm; Saturday 9:30 am and 11 am. This schedule allows for great timing flexibility.

For more information, contact Cutting Edge at , or by phone at (506)624-3824. As well, you can follow Cutting Edge Fitness on Facebook or visit their website at

The Cutting Edge Fitness Army looks forward to seeing you there!

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