Miramichier Publishes First Science Fiction Novel

Deborah Leitch

Deborah Leitch

Deborah Leitch, born and raised in Miramichi, has just published her first science fiction novel Heaven’s Gate and the setting for the novel is our home town.

Deborah is a practicing Registered Nurse who has been working in health care for over 30 years. Caring for patients in their last moments of life, she often reflected upon life energy and where it goes when it is no longer needed by the body. That reflection and the question, “What if it never got to its destination?” formed the impetus for this novel.

The setting for the novel is Miramichi in a place called Mullen Stream Falls. The falls is well known for the bottomless pool at its base and added the sense of mystique needed for the novel.

Heaven’s Gate takes you on an adventure of scientific possibility, clashing values, and spiritual reflection as Simon, a young physicist’s quest to discover where energy goes after death crosses with a physician’s ambition to collect energy at the time of death.

Heaven's Gate by Deborah Leitch.

Heaven’s Gate by Deborah Leitch.

Dr. Thomas wants to use the energy to extend the lives of those dying patients he deems worthy. His business partner has other ideas. He plans to sell the energy to anyone willing to pay for the dream of eternal life. The plans become complicated with the discovery that not just any energy will do. Successful transfer will only occur if the donor possesses certain virtues.

The diversion of life energy from its intended destination starts to have grave consequences for the town and an age old secret that has been protected by the natives since the beginning of time is uncovered. The purpose of life is revealed. The young physicist must find a way to overcome his personal weaknesses and stop the energy diversion before the damage is irreversible and the people he cares about most are harmed.

The 283 page paperback version of Heaven’s Gate is available for purchase on Amazon.com. A digital version is available for Kindle on the Amazon website as well.

You can find out more about the author as well at Amazon.com.

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