Oil Sprayer Saves Money & Your Waistline

The Olive Oil Mister.

The Olive Oil Mister.

by Andrew MacMullin

Having worked in the food service sector for many years I still enjoy cooking. One of the biggest things when I grocery shop is finding good value for the money as we are a family of five. Any time I see a gadget or tool I think what a “scam” so this series of articles is designed to help you save money and find useful gadgets to help you around the home.

This Olive Oil Sprayer is a reusable and affordable alternative to the overpriced cooking and baking sprays found at the grocery store. These sprays are way overpriced! The Olive Oil Sprayer is the perfect addition to anyone who cooks, from the gourmet Chef or the backyard BBQ king, it’s a great addition to any kitchen’s “drawer” of tools.

Just fill the bottle with your favourite brand or type of oil, then pump the lid up and down (about 10 times) to build up pressure. Then, spray the oil just as you would with any other cooking oil sprayer. This helps reduce the amount of fat you use as it is controlled by a sprayer.

The Sprayer provides even coverage across the cooking area or surface eliminating the need to pour oil in and swirl it around. We have all done that before. My original thought here was to get even coverage and reduce the amount used to save on calories. This does reduces calories, but the best part was the reduced cost. Since the Sprayer can be filled again and again, it’s far cheaper than using the disposable cooking oil sprays – and far healthier too – no silicon or other nasty additives to worry about.

At our home we use only olive oil in our kitchen and it is a little more than traditional vegetable oils so it is a major cost savings for us when we use the Sprayer. i would estimate almost a 50% reduction in oil use or consumption … WOW!

Pick up your Olive Oil Mister at Newcastle Home Hardware.

Pick up your Olive Oil Mister at Newcastle Home Hardware.

With a price tag of around $9.99, it may be worth purchasing two: one for olive oil and one for a flavoured oil (or your preferred oil). Although it is made of plastic it is tough, ours as endured over three months of daily use. Well worth it.

Some Pros:
-Can be used with any vegetable oil
-Doesn’t contain any of the chemicals found in canned cooking sprays
-Cheaper than use-and-toss cooking sprays

Some Cons: (just so it doesn’t seem like a one sided story …)
-Has to be pumped before each use
-Spray lasts about 10 seconds before needing to be pumped again
-Requires occasional cleaning to prevent clogs

I can live with these cons.

NewcastleHomeHardware.com or at 170 Pleasant St.is your place to find this and other great items. Watch for more reviews and home owner tips.

Swedish-chefAndrew MacMullin is a part time foodie, who has a past life in hotel and restaurants catering, flipping burgers, tossing wings and throwing things in a pot for a surprise dinner! This is just a sideline to his daily advertising and marketing gig with www.MightyMiramichi.com. Watch for more home kitchen techniques, trips, tips and gadgets. There’s a chef inside all of us!

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