Little Miss Buckaroo

With all the hype today about bullying, I think back to the various forms of bullying when I was a kid, remembering my nickname was ‘Buckaroo’! Perhaps, I sucked my thumb too much as a child, or perhaps my upper jaw was misaligned over the lower jaw, causing my top row of teeth to protrude beyond those on the bottom which is most often caused by genetics. Whatever the reason, the teasing about my buck teeth created much insecurity. Every time I looked into the mirror I felt imperfect. My self-image was in many ways destroyed.

Kim Drisdelle

Between the ages of 10 and 14 years, I did not know the importance of dental care or the benefits of regular visits to my dentist. Perhaps it was because my dad had no insurance plan for dentistry work or perhaps, it was because going to the dentist in my house meant only there was great potential of having to get a tooth pulled. Due to tight budgets and associated costs of going to the dentist, my visits to the dentist were minimal and there was certainly very little or no discussions of cosmetic dentistry.

After age 17, my visits to the dentist (Jean Gauthier and Luce Marchand) became more regular as greater emphasis was being placed on good oral care and its social implications not only in my home, but also at school. As the years moved forward I started to take advantage of having my dull smile brightened, my stained teeth whitened, gaps between my teeth closed, chipped teeth repaired, and my metal fillings masked. In doing so, I believe I opened doors and removed obstacles to my professional and social successes.

At age 50, I think back to the times when I thought you needed a celebrity’s salary or stature to have a bright and beautiful smile. Today, as I think back to my nickname “Buckaroo”, I wear more than a badge of laughter. I guess my confidence level has increased over the years knowing my smile is my most powerful weapon and anchor when the world seems to be against me.

To date, I may not have gotten braces to fix my overbite, however; I am so grateful for having been given a smile that enhances my self-confidence and erases the effects of the teasing endured during my younger years. I no longer allow the harsh effects of being called “Buckaroo” haunt my memories. Instead, I look into the mirror, proud of my smile; with a constant reminder to myself that braces are right around the corner. The exciting news is that orthodontic services are now offered at Quali-Dent; lessening travel time with on-site visits.

In maintaining, what I believe to be the best “Smile” for me, I will continue to call upon Drs. Gauthier, Marchand and Mahabir because they have always served me well. I acknowledge looking good has become so important and that it is an automatic thing in today’s cosmetic era whereas breakthroughs in technology have made a beautiful smile more affordable and attainable than ever before. So, call Quali-Dent today at 622-3777 to make your first or next appointment. You won’t be disappointed!

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