Elementary Literacy Inc. recognizes volunteer efforts to mentor NB youth

Happy schoolboy wearing backpackElementary Literacy Inc., an organization dedicated to improving youth literacy in the province, has publicly recognized the more than 500 volunteers who gave their time to the organization this fall. Volunteers were recognized for participating in the organization’s Elementary Literacy Friends (ELF) and Communauté Littératie Enfants Francophones (CLEF) programs as reading mentors.

The volunteer reading mentors worked one-on-one with second grade striving readers. Over 500 New Brunswickers took on the role this fall, a 180% increase in participation from last year. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, approximately 1000 students received aid through the programs. Elementary Literacy Inc.’s programs are offered in both French and English to 140 participating provincial schools.

This announcement comes after Family Literacy Day, a day of national awareness created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999. Family Literacy Day is held every year on January 27 and is used as an opportunity to highlight the importance of reading and engaging in literacy-related activities as a family. While these volunteers are not meant to replace valuable reading time at home, Erin Schryer, Executive Director of Elementary Literacy Inc. says ELF volunteers play an integral role helping New Brunswick students improve their literacy skills.

“We see our volunteers as an extension of the family—community members who have both the interest and the time to give a child in support of his or her reading development. Importantly, our data clearly indicate that volunteers are making a measurable difference,” said Schryer, “On behalf of the staff and Elementary Literacy Inc.’s board of directors I would like to thank the volunteers, teachers, administrators, students and parents who collaborate with us to improve literacy in New Brunswick.”

For more information on Elementary Literacy Inc. or their programs, please visit www.elfnb.com.


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