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farmer-vegetablesLocally owned and operated since 1982, the folks at Miramichi Feeds know what they’re talking about when it comes to any kind of farming. Whether you’re raising chickens or planting vegetables, they have everything to see you through your project, start to finish. If you have a question to “Ask a Farmer”, email it to .

When can I start planting vegetables, and can I start planting certain vegetables earlier than others?

We spoke to Robert from Miramichi Feeds on May 19th and he said we can start planting certain vegetables now. Onions, carrots, yellow beans, radishes and beets to name a few, are frost tolerant and can be planted now, seeded directly in the ground. If you plant yellow beans now the ground is warm enough to germinate them but they wouldn’t get tall enough for the frost to hurt them. For bedding plants, those you’ve started to grow in the house or purchase already started, such as tomatoes and peppers, definitely wait until the last frost before planting them.

The longer you wait the warmer the ground is and the faster the crop will grow. So even if you plant your crop in June and your neighbour plants in May, in the long run you won’t be that far behind in harvesting because yours will grow faster in the warmer weather.

plant-in-soilHe also adds that all this could change if we suddenly get a real snappin’ cold frost that wipes out everything but that is uncharacteristic for our region. Nevertheless, keep an eye on the weather and frost warnings.

Succession Planting
Beans, beets, lettuce and peas are all great choices for succession planting. Plant a new batch each week so you have a continuous harvest all season.

When is the last frost in our area?
Many use the general rule of thumb of waiting until after the first full moon in June to ensure there is no more frost. The full moon falls on June 20, 2016.

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