Become Involved with your Community Inclusion Network

ESIC-logo-colourWhat do you know about your Community Inclusion Network or CIN in your region?

The CIN contributes to peoples knowledge of the reality of poverty in the region and emphasizes the power of community in utilizing assets and bringing people together.
The CIN coordinates the efforts of individuals and groups with the hope of creating partnerships and knowledge exchanges.

The CIN creates a regional action plan focused on poverty reduction and community development and facilitates, encourages and supports well connected, grassroots community projects that target the priorities of the plan (Education & Literacy+ Numeracy-Housing-Transportation-Food Security & Wellness+ Mental Health-Employment-Social inclusion).

So what can you do with the CIN of your region?

With support from the CIN, get involved in or start community initiatives.

The CIN needs community members who know realities of communities as well as their assets and needs. Your involvement could be as exciting as partnering with working groups towards concrete actions that can get people engaged in your communities and ultimately, lead to poverty reduction.

For further information, contact Isabella the Northumberland CIN at: /Or by phone at: 506.424.1702

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