Hot Water Wait Times and Low Pressure

Derek Taylor Plumbing offers some Tips about Hot Water Wait Times and low pressure!

You are having the best dream of your life, when the annoying and intrusive “beep beep beep” of your alarm clock wakes you up. You hit every button on it to just make the noise stop, and stumble to the bathroom half asleep to begin your daily routine.
You open the shower door or pull the curtain back and turn the handle to hot hoping for that instant gratification on your skin, only to wait … and wait … and WAIT for it to finally make its presence.

If there was only a better way … a way to reduce the water you are wasting waiting on the hot; a way to get that instantaneous hot water you crave so early in the morning. Well, have no fear! Such a product DOES exist! And, it comes in the form of a Hot water Circulating System. It’s an easy way to do the aforementioned things for you.

We used to wait for hot water too, until we decided to make the improvement and wait no more!

Are you suffering from Low Water Pressure?
There is almost nothing better than stepping into a nice HOT shower first thing in the morning, whether before or after the coffee is drank…or jumping into a warm bath to soak your troubles away at night (along side a full glass of wine maybe). But, if it takes you a half an hour to fill your tub or rinse the shampoo out of your hair, it can put a damper on the whole thing!

Well, Do NOT Fret! You have OPTIONS to make it go faster!

Some of the reasons you might have slower than normal water pressure are:
* The size and/or layout of your piping system
* Having Water Saving fixtures installed in your home
* What the Pressure Switch is set at on your Pump
* How many fixtures you have running at one time
* Whether or not you are on Municipal Water
Just to name a few …

If you are tired of having the bottle of wine gone before you actually GET IN the tub, give us a call at Derek Taylor Plumbing, we would be happy to help you fill your tub, and lessen your wait time to relax! 625-5263,

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