Join the Local Food Revolution with La Terre Partagée

by Rébeka Frazer-Chiasson

Three years ago, I wrote in Giv’er Miramichi about my travels in Central America and my project of starting a Community Supported Agriculture program where people would sign up as members and in exchange receive a weekly supply of local and organic vegetables and fruit. The following three years were so full of life—a partner, a baby, a vibrant agricultural community with dynamic young people, a multi-generational family endeavour, and many many pounds of vegetables later, here I still am—transplanting, seeding, trying to convince people of the value not only of buying organic but of using your hard earned dollars to sustain our land and the people on it.

Three years ago, my vision wasn’t as clear or as full fledged but now, nothing is stopping us. All the farmers at La Terre Partagée, want to see the growth of not only our farm but the local food movement in the region for so many reasons.

Firstly, the feeling of farming as a team is unparalleled. The rows seem much shorter, the weeds much less daunting and the cold or heat much more bearable if you are doing it together. The simple joy of celebrating your hard work with your friends over an ice cream or a swim in the lake is amazing. The connection that this hard work brings us to past generations, to the children that play alongside us and to peasant farmers across the world sustains us through the long hours.

Secondly, we want to grow the diversity of products available within our community and our region and make it that much easier for those that commit to buying local to do so. So this year, we’re back with our selection of over 40 different vegetables and fruit, a variety of meats including ground beef, pork sausages, turkey, chicken, and for those wanting to fill their freezer, boxes of half a pig. We’re also adding certified organic eggs to the mix and kombucha, a fermented probiotic filled tea which is not only super healthy but so delicious. This, thanks to our newest farmer who will be working with us but also initiating these new endeavours via our incubation program.

Thirdly, we see farming as much more than a career choice but a path towards rebuilding cohesive communities and taking back control of their economic development. If we, as people, have control over not only the consumption but the production of our food, we enable ourselves to lead healthier lives, support local economies, and give real value to our natural resources.

Whatever happens, a small enthusiastic crew of us will be farming our hearts out in the backs of Rogersville (on Pleasant Ridge), but we would love it if you joined us! You can learn more and become a member of our community supported agriculture program by checking out our website at or by calling Rebeka at 506 626 0057. Because members agree to pay their vegetables upfront which gives us much more stability and predictability, in exchange, we deliver “shares” twice a week to Miramichi for 18 weeks (between the end of June and the end of October). You can also add on eggs weekly or bi-weekly and every week, you will have the opportunity to purchase meat or other products from the farm. You can also find us at the Water Street Farmers Market where we will be selling a great variety of local and organic fruits and vegetables. Make us look a bit less crazy by joining our food revolution!

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