How to Write the Perfect Resume

That is a big question! What should be included in your resume and how should you organize the presentation to showcase you? First of all, learn that a CV (curriculum vitae) is in no way a biography! Your resume should fit on one page, two, maximum! Then you should always include a cover letter to your resume, to give a better idea of who you are to the potential employers. Also, be aware that it is important to adapt your resume to each job you are applying for. In fact, each job is different and you should highlight the specific characteristics that employers are looking for.

First, see the important information you should include in your curriculum. Any self-respecting resume begins with personal information, such as your name, the job title you currently hold and your contact information (address, phone, email address). Your name should appear in bold and in larger characters. It must be the first thing the employer sees. Then, some people like to add a career goal. Personally, I do not have enough space on my resume to include this information and in my case, I do not think that it is relevant… You are free to judge whether or not it is necessary. That said, be brief if you decide to include this information. Two or three lines should be enough to verbalize your goal. In addition to personal information and career goals, your education and work experience should be at the top of your resume. If your resume is two pages long, do your best to keep this information on the first page.

Avoid unnecessary information, for instance, if you have a post-secondary degree, it is obvious that you have completed your high school, so you do not have to mention it. Also, be sure to include the most relevant work experiences, a job description, and put the information in order from most recent to oldest. In addition, another important part of your resume is your personality profile and your skills. Try to target the characteristics sought by the employer. For example, if they are looking for an independent person who can work without supervision, make sure to indicate it on your resume. Finally, the information that could distinguish you from others, such as the awards and honors you have received, volunteering and your involvement in the community, and extracurricular activities you attended are essential! Regarding the references, it is not advisable to write your references on a resume. Only write “available on request” and if it is necessary during the hiring process, the managers will ask you to provide it.

Second, let’s tackle the presentation! It all depends on your education and the type of job you are applying for. If you have studied in fields such as graphic design, marketing, or if you are an artist, an impeccable visual presentation is required. That said, according to the studies, it only takes 6 seconds before an employer decides whether or not to continue reading your resume. This is a very short time, and this is the reason why that it is critical to offer an attractive presentation. Your resume should be easy to read and concise. A good way to make it easier to read is to separate each section by lines. Today, there are several interesting platforms available to create a resume. Get inspired by the models that you can find on the web. You can also add a touch of color. Warning! It is not a rainbow! A colored border on the left margin and separations of the same color are enough to brighten everything up.

Finally, avoid personal information, such as your age, your religious beliefs, and your hobbies. Obviously, I have already mentioned it, but I repeat, your resume is not a biography and another one of the main reasons why we avoid including such information is to avoid discrimination.

To conclude, there is a host of completely free resources on the Web. Good luck for those who are looking for a job. I hope that this article is able to help you!

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