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40th Anniversary of the Miramichi Literacy Council / International Literacy Day

40th Anniversary of the Miramichi Literacy Council / International Literacy Day


On Saturday, September 8th, 2018, come out to the Seaman’s Hospital, located at 12 Vye Street in the former Village of Douglastown (Miramichi) from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC) and also International Literacy Day! Their will be guest speakers, and a light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

About the Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC)….

  • The Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC) was formed by 23 charter members in September of 1978
  • Has partnered with local libraries in celebration of International Literacy Day and Family Literacy Day Events
  • For over thirty years the Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC) has held Basic Tutor-Training Workshops and Writing Workshops
  • In 2006 became a member of Miramichi Partners in Literacy consisting of Miramichi Literacy Council Inc., New Brunswick Libraries, Horizon Health Network New Brunswick (hospital), Mango, Community Inclusion Network, and School District 16 (now Anglophone North School District), to stage community events to raise Literacy awareness in both the English and French languages
  • Has an International Literacy Day Luncheon where all non-profit organizations meet to update everyone on the services they offer.

Some Literacy Facts….

  • New Brunswick scored among the lowest nationwide in literacy proficiency.
  • There is more than one-third of the working-age population of New Brunswick with less than a high school education.
  • Higher levels of literacy are linked to a higher level of earnings
  • 56.6% of residents over 16 lack the minimum literacy skills to meet everyday demands.

The Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC) offers:

Adult Literacy Tutor Training Course

The Miramichi Literacy Council offers one-on-one, free, confidential tutoring for individuals (age 18 and over) who need to upgrade their literacy skills.

One-on-One, Free, Confidential Tutoring

Miramichi Literacy Council’s programs are designed to work with those who have no reading ability, those seeking a GED, and those requiring ESL, using the Laubach method of learning.

Cooking to Learn Program

  • Learn to read through the use of recipes
  • Learn numeracy and Math when measuring while cooking/baking
  • Learn to cook with wholesome foods within a budget
  • Learn food security and wellness in the kitchen
  • Learn social skills
  • Prepare menus
  • Prepare a shopping list with minimal supervision, using grocery store flyers to purchase economically.

Food Mentors

Our Instructors are Laubach Literacy tutors and volunteer mentors who have taken certified training in the Food Industry.

  • Cooking class is every Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 p.m.
  • Menu preparation and grocery shopping for the class is on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m.
  • There are three sessions – the fall, winter and spring

Cooking to Learn 

Helps motivate students to learn their basic reading, writing and math skills using team step by step cooking activities.  The program is designed to provide a “hands-on” approach to increase reading comprehension, vocabulary, problem solving, writing, math and science skillsWorking in a kitchen environment as part of a team prepares the student to obtain full or part-time employment in the food service industry.

Job Shadowing

Our Council and Partners search out restaurants where a Cooking to Learn student will shadow one of their employees for four hours a day.  The time line would be five weeks, at two 4 hour shifts a week. An employer weekly progress report will be shared with the student. The job would include all the different tasks in a professional kitchen. The time spent will enable the students to be more knowledgeable with the work world and will allow them to add the position on their resume. Job shadowing, meeting new people and experiencing success will boost student’s self-confidence.

Opportunities for Students 

This program’s classes have given job opportunities to nine studentsthree full-time jobs and six part-time jobs over the last two years.

Become a Volunteer Tutor!

  • Twenty Hour Free Training in Two Weekends
  • Teach someone how to read and how to write
  • You can teach someone how to read prescriptions, product labels, newspapers and flyers.

(Source: Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC) Website:

About International Literacy Day…

  • Each year September 8th marks UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)’s International Literacy Day, raising awareness globally on the issues surrounding adult and child literacy.


  • First held in 1966 and now part of the UN’s sustainable development goals program adopted in 2015, International Literacy Day highlights the changes and improvements being made worldwide in literacy development.


  • UNESCO has been central to improving global literacy since 1946 and promotes International Literacy Day in partnership with governments, charities, local communities and experts in the field worldwide. Using themes and programs the day aims to turn attention on literacy in all its forms in a changing world. Recognizing literacy encompasses more than the written word in societies today. The theme for 2017 was ‘Literacy in the Digital World’.

So come out, bring a friend or a family member out to the 40th Anniversary of the Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC) and also International Literacy Day!

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