The Miramichi Sportsmens Club

The Miramichi Sportsmens Club is a dynamic sport shooting facility providing a safe, well maintained environment for many styles of sport and recreational shooting.

Established in 1984, the range provides local and visiting members with access to a variety of sanctioned and non-sanctioned events tailored for youth shooters up to seniors.

Our shotgun range holds an assortment of organized shooting events, some of which include Skeet, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand and Wobble Trap.

Throughout the spring/summer/fall months the range also holds weekly evening and weekend shoots for those interested.

The facility includes a large covered outdoor sitting area for lounging and a winterized club house with a woodstove and lots of seating.

We also have a 220-metre rifle range with enclosed firing line and woodstove heated building.

A number of events are already scheduled for the 2019 season with the possibility of even more.

When not being used for events, the range is always open to those wishing to simply target practice or sight in their rifles as well.

Lastly, we have our pistol range.

This is a complex of 4 bays which includes a 50-metre main pistol bay with enclosed firing line as well as three 15-metre pistol bays.

Our pistol range is primarily used for IPSC Sanctioned events, rentals to various organizations and casual target practice.

Our club also has many NROI trained Range Officers and a Chief Range Officer.

Weekly meets occur throughout the spring/summer/fall months as well.

So, whether you’re interested in taking part in one of our many events or simply doing a little target shooting on the weekend with your kids, the Miramichi Sportsmens Club welcomes you to come join us.

Range tours and rentals are also available upon request.

For more information regarding our Club, check out our website at or like us on Facebook.

Our location is 10231 Route 11, Glenwood (Redmondville), NB, near St. Margarets.

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