Dessert Theatre: In Their Own Words

On Saturday, March 21 and on Sunday, March 22, the Friends of Île Beaubears Island will be presenting a unique theatrical showcase of historical letters and interviews, entitled “In Their Own Words” at the historic Seaman’s Hospital, 12 Vye Street in Douglastown.

Hear first-hand historical accounts of events such as the Great Miramichi Fire of 1825, the Fighting Election of 1843 and the First World War, told from the perspective of local men and women who bore witness, as well as the words of prominent Miramichiers like Dr. Louise Manny, George Burchill, Frances Ullock, and Dr. Maria Juanita De Olloqui.

Tickets to this dessert theater performance are $15 and can be reserved at the door by calling the Friends of Île Beaubears Island at 1-506-622-8526.

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