Robert Ross Releases Two Country Music Videos

Robert Ross, originally of Barryville, and now based out of Cairns, Australia is pleased to announce the release of two new Country Music Videos and sent us details to Giv’er On The River about them!

My new release Jack Daniels has made some great strides in the Country Music Industry since its release on December 8, 2020 and here is the list:

– Entered the Australian Airplay Chart Top 40 at #24 and rose to #3 last week!

– Entered the Country Thunder All Aussie Top 20 at #9 and rose to #1 last week!

– Rated by Country In The Uk as one of the top 20 in 2020. They chose 5 Artists from each country: Australia, Canada, UK, USA.

And charted Jack Daniels at #3 out of 5 Australian Artists they chose for 2020!

Telephone Radio interviews weekly to discuss the success of the current release Jack Daniels, which is one of the 10 originals on his album “It’s Never Too Late”.

To find out more about Robert Ross and his music, visit his website and social media.

Facebook: robertrossmusic
Instagram: @robertrossmusic


  1. Debbie MacKnight on February 15, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    Hi! Great article on Robert Ross! Is this going to be printed in the next issue?

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