The Great Miramichi Haggis Hunt and Fall Fair

Step back in time at Wilson’s Point Historic Site on October 7th 11am-2pm (Rain or Shine!) as we celebrate the magic of the season with a Historical Fall Market and the Great Miramichi Haggis Hunt.

There will be vendors with period style items: knitted goods, honey, farm to table, leather goods, candles, baked goods, and more. Bring cash for the vendor purchases. Enjoy chili and apple cider on us!

Children will be able to sign up for the Great Miramichi Haggis Scavenger Hunt event where they will meet the odd character, learn bits of history that surrounds the Point and maybe even catch sight of the illusive Howzitgoan, our very own Miramichi Haggis. The scavenger hunt requires photo proof so be sure to bring along a phone or tablet capable of taking pictures.

There will be raffle tickets sold on a complete Thanksgiving meal and a Scottish Goodie basket and prizes for the Haggis Hunt participants.

We’ll have Saltwinds coffee on sale in the church and you can pick up your Wilson’s Point merch and Halcomb Honey and Hives products as well (debit and credit available).

William Wallace and William Davidson will be on the grounds. There will be no Davidson Makes a Point tour on Sunday but it will return for on final day next week.

Parking will be available at the Miramichi Bible camp, we ask those parking along the road to stick to one side and keep a lane free.

Admission is free, join us from 11am-2pm Saturday October 7th at Wilson’s Point Historic Site, 8 Enclosure Road, Derby Junction. Rain or Shine!

For more details check out Wilson’s Point Historic Site on Facebook or call 506-627-0162 between 9:30am and 4:30pm.

Wilson’s Point is beautiful no matter the season, but it is especially magical, once the days grow short and Mother Nature casts out her blanket of colours over the land. If you sit and listen long enough, you can imagine the clip clop of horse hooves and clickety clack of full wagons being pulled down the road leading into the churchyard. Laughter mixing with deep Halòs and children’s giggles as the spirits come to life one last time before winter settles in. The bustle of folks gathering and bragging of fine crops, games of jacks, marbles and hopscotch taking place and ladies gossiping as whiffs of wood smoke billow and dance in the air. This site has a long remarkable history that stretches beyond 4000 years encompassing the Mi’kmaq First Nations, the Acadians, the Scottish and Loyalists.

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