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What a beautiful day on the river!

The first words out of my nephew’s mouth when his eyes flutter open in the morning are, “It’s a beautiful day!”

And it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside.

Earlier this summer the extended family went to Alma for the weekend and I roomed with my three-year-old twin nephew and niece.

(Here’s a tip: Two sets of parents looking to get away + one overworked Grammie + one naïve aunt + three 3-year-old toddlers + a one-year-old + an 8-week old infant + two tiny motel rooms + the highest tides in the world & dangerous rocky ledges = One friggin’ insane weekend!)

My nephew wakes up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning, jumps up in the bed throwing the covers off me and his sister, bursting with the news, “Kellie, Kellie, it’s a Boo-tee-fil Day!”

Through the slit of my one squinting eye I could see it was not a beautiful day, in fact it was questionable whether it was even day yet. The world outside the motel window was grey and damp and cold.

“Go back to sleep,” I sighed. “It’s not a beautiful day.”

This comment of course had the opposite result and only spurred him to leap from the bed and climb into the window for a better look.

“Oh yes it is,” he grinned. “It’s a Boo-ti-fil Day of raining!”

Well, what can you say to that? Really, he’s got the right idea, everyday is a beautiful day and we should look forward to enjoying each and every one.

Here are some pictures Stacy took on Saturday morning. Now, this was a boo-ti-fil day!

Warning: May Cause Homesickness.

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