Crocodile Dundee

This morning I came to work looking forward to the day and in good spirits because of the sunshine…until…I opened the door to the office and immediately felt a strange presence. I looked around hesitantly and found the source of my discomfort perched on top of the office supplies cabinet.

I screamed for awhile “What is it?!!, What is it?!!, What the $#%^ is it?” until I realized nobody else was here. Apparently Wally, or “Wally Gator” as we sometimes call him, thought it would be funny to bring in his stuffed friend to share with the rest of us.

I freaked out for awhile, hiding my eyes, screaming & cringing everytime I had to walk past it until I finally did what any brave girl in trouble would do.

I called Dale.

Dale is in charge of building maintenance here at Miratech and is always ready for a challenge. I think I took him by surprise today came down expecting to find something broken and instead ended up playing Crocodile Dundee.

He put it in a black garbage bag for me and hid it in the backroom. And as an added bonus he mopped the floor while he was here. What more could a girl want?

As for Wally…I haven’t forgotten about him yet.

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