Calling All Lumberjacks

I attended a casting call today at the Lord Beaverbrook House for CTV’s Creepy Canada. They are producing 2 short films on the Dungarvaon Whooper and the Headless Nun.

Historians, would-be lumberjacks, aspiring actors and props creators all crowded into the French Fort Cove office inside the Beaverbrook House not knowing what to expect. Most of us were just there because Jackie had asked us and we knew having Miramichi featured on national TV was a definate benefit to the community. That much we knew.

Would we get paid? How much? How long will it take? Nobody seemed to care.

The mood was light and time passed quickly as we listened to some tall tales and stories about local characters. You can’t put a bunch of Miramichiers in a room, strangers or not, and not expect to have a good laugh!

One by one we were called into the old parlor where the director and his team (sorry guys, I’ll get your names tomorrow) asked a few basic questions, looked us over, and sent us home with “We’ll call if we need you”.

“What was it like? What questions did they ask? What parts are available? Did you have to read?”

“Did you get the part?”

Nobody knew.

By noon everyone had been seen and Creepy Canada was left to make their decision and nibble on the fudge tray provided by Susan Butler. Susan makes great fudge.

At 5:10 I got the call. I’ll be playing a tour guide at French French Cove and can wear whatever I choose. No black, no white, no stripes, no logos, no jeans… whatever I think a tour guide would wear. I’m going with green & khaki.

I will be called this evening after 8:00pm with the date, time & location.

I leave you with these props:

Lord Beaverbrook overlooking props collected for the woodmens camp. On loan from the Woodmen’s Museum in Boisetown.

The Exorcism Kit

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