Hospital cell phone policy revised

Beginning September 1, users of wireless communication devices such as cell phones and Blackberries will be able to use their communication devices within designated areas of the Miramichi Regional Hospital. Currently the use of these devices is not permitted within the hospital.

“As a means to effectively use modern technology and maintain patient safety, designated areas have been assigned within the hospital for wireless communication device use,” says Jean-Guy Richard, vice president of support services. He says wireless communication devices will be permitted in areas that are not near patient equipment that is sensitive to these devices. This includes the hospital lobby, dining room and hallways. The designated areas in which wireless devices can be safely used will be clearly marked with signage throughout the hospital.

Hospital personnel will be given permission to use special wireless communication devices supplied by the health authority within one meter of medical equipment. These devices operate on low power and can be used in designated areas of the hospital.

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