Hospice Fundraisers

July is a busy month for Hospice Miramichi. Community minded businesses and individuals alike are organizing fundraising activities on behalf of the charitable non-profit organization. For more information call 773-7607.


Hospice Miramichi Inc., a charitable non-profit volunteer organization, was established in March 2011. The focus of hospice care is on comfort, not cure, and on life, not death.

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Hospice is a community palliative care charity that provides medical and non-medical programs and services to people and families coping with advancing life threatening illnesses, caregiving, death and bereavement. Hospice staff and volunteers help people to live as well as possible with a disease that has no cure and support families to cope with loss.

Caring for others when they need it most is an honour for all of us at Hospice. We understand how difficult and frightening it can be for families facing end-of-life issues. At Hospice, we are committed to providing the best care and support possible to those we serve.

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