Short Fiction from 12 year old, Deanna Nordin

What’s Wrong with this Picture?
By Deanna Nordin

Where am I?!

Where am I?!

Hi, my name is Alex and I went for the ride of my life the other day and now I have NO CLUE WHERE I AM!

It all started on a Monday morning … or was it a Saturday? I don’t know, but I was sitting on the step of some random person when all of a sudden they came out and scared the crap out of me! I jumped up and ran for my little squirrel life.

As I ran I got thinking, “I wonder where they are going?” So I stopped running and hopped on the big moving thing. As soon as I did I started to regret it but just as I turned to jump BAM, I was in the forbidden zone! (DAH DAH DAH)

We started to go faster and faster, and big moving things were going by. My fur was flipping in the wind. I looked like a squirrel kabob!


“Whoa!” I said as I jumped back.

Finally we came to a stop and I ran like a baby squirrel being chased by a cat. I ran so fast I tripped and fell. Then a lady said, “Did you know you had a passenger?”

They said, “No, why?”

She said, “There was a squirrel on your truck.”

Then they all laughed and continued their business.

Well, now I know not to jump on things they call trucks. I also think that I need a drive home.

Deanna Nordin

Deanna Nordin

“Hey Buddy! Wait up!”



Twelve year old Deanna Nordin wrote this story based on an actual experience she had with her family. Deanna goes to Blackville School and enjoys drawing and making jewellery. 

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