“Beat the Peak” with NB Power

BeatThePeak303NB Power is challenging New Brunswickers to join them in their Beat the Peak initiative this winter.

During the coldest three weeks of winter, Beat the Peak is meant to inspire New Brunswick residents to cut back on their energy usage. Heavy use of electricity during peak hours means extensive work must be done to maintain the power grid, even though usual demand is much lower. Cutting back on power usage not only helps keep our province green, it is also a great way to save some money on monthly power bills.

“We know that on cold winter mornings, New Brunswickers crank up their electric heaters, hot water, devices and gadgets all at the same time, usually on weekdays between 6 and 9 a.m. This activity cranks up demand on our system, making it less green and causing a peak in energy usage,” said Gaëtan Thomas, President and CEO of NB Power.

“Supplying this peak demand costs all of us millions of dollars every year. We want to put some of that money back in our customers’ pockets by helping them adopt smart energy habits. They can stop paying for electricity they don’t need.”

Those participating in the contest are invited to share their energy saving tips on the Beat the Peak website and social media for the chance to win weekly prizes. In addition, residents of  Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview, as well as Fredericton and New Maryland will be counted toward a community challenge for highest participation rate. The winning community will will receive an investment of $10,000 in energy savings at their local YMCA.

“The Beat the Peak challenge is the perfect way to engage people in managing their energy use,” said George LeBlanc, Mayor of Moncton. “The people of Greater Moncton have always been leaders in energy efficiency in this province and we know that our YMCA is going to get that prize.”

“This challenge is a great way to help New Brunswickers focus on how much electricity they use during the coldest time of the year,” said Brad Woodside, Mayor of Fredericton. “Knowing how smart the people of Fredericton are when it comes to energy and the environment, I’m confident our YMCA is going to win this prize.”

Beat the Peak will run from January 19 to February 6. If you would like to help save power and money this winter by participating in the challenge, you can join at www.beatthepeak.ca once the challenge begins.

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